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Culligan has a variety of water dispensers to choose from. Rugged polycarbonate cabinets, all with seven year warranties, resist scuffs and abrasions. Dishwasher-safe, removable reservoir and unique probe technology assure dependable, convenient service for years. Dishwasher-safe, removable reservoir and unique probe technology assure you of dependable, convenient service for years Counter Top These innovative space- savers fit neatly on a kitchen or office counter, dispensing room temperature, hot and cold water or cold and tepid water.

They feature a warranted polycarbonate cabinet, unique cooling probe technology, and an easily sanitized water reservoir.

Following the success of the full tower HAF , Cooler Master has now successfully extended their product line to a mid tower with the HAF It has a strong appearance and I think they did a good job on the HAF

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At this point, buying preamps and discrete seperate audio components may well be getting you in too deep. There’s a lot of knowledge you need to have before you try to do anything in that route. Especially since you’re talking about 4-ohm speakers. Almost all consumer-level equipment is 8-ohm If you use different impedance equipment say 4ohm speakers with a receiver rated for 8ohms without taking into consideration all the factors, you can easily damage or destroy your speakers and the amplifier section of your receiver or discrete amplifier, etc etc It is possible to run mismatched equipment but speakers have to be hooked up in groups bye bye 5.

There is such a thing as a bridgeable amplifier, but no, you can’t hook two high-ohm receivers together to run a low-ohm speaker. As for how much power you need, watts per channel is more than enough for most people’s home theatre.

Jun 14,  · The LED bars are bolted to the water cooling mounts in my Coolermaster HAF X case. The LEDs are connected to the switch on the front panel that normally controls the front fan LED. I inserted a bent header pin into the fan LED connector so that it still lights up.

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Well Built case, good size, amazing value Comment: Got this case for an upgrade for the kids. Bought the HAF , and thought it would be good as well. Considering the cost, I was pleasantly surprised. What a great value.

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This beastly chassis comes with rugged looks, massive air flow, and Cooler Master’s trademark intelligently designed interior. Building the mean, dream machine is now well within reach. Superior Cooling PerformanceExtreme cooling performance that supports up to seven cooling fans top to bottom as well as accommodate three x 30mm fans at minimum noise At first I intended to to just do a simple motherboard swap for my old Core 2 Duo e Conroe, re-using the existing Ultra mid-tower case I have been using for 3 years and actually got for “free after rebate” from Frys but that is another story.

I had seriously overclocked the E , at one point holding the “air cooled overclocking record” for an E at one of the major overclocking enthusiast sites. However the CPU core temperature was not where I wanted it, and I was also intending to buy a much larger video card, the huge double slot Nvidia GeForce GTX , and overclock the heck out of both the Lynnfield and the video card.

And frankly I wanted a very high quality, expandable case using all the latest features. The HAF is classified as a “mid-tower case”. Perhaps that is true, since the height is

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Somewhat obviously the first task is to talk about the size. The Cooler Master Cosmos II is the biggest case we have ever seen here at pcG, but once you have marveled at its extreme size and that will take some time! Nearer the front of the case is the sliding panel with the Cosmos logo that provides access to the control panel for the fans and lighting. This panel slides fore and aft and effectively snaps into position. Otherwise the top of the Cosmos II is dominated by its two large handles.

Removing the aforementioned thumb screw allows the back section of the top of the case to be removed. Here you can see the only pre-installed mm top fan. You can also see the support for further fans and radiator beneath. The left panel does differ from the right panel, but only in the number of cooling slots, the right side has four, while the left side has eight. This is because the left side panel also supports the possibility of additional cooling.

The lower drive cage cooling solution can be removed and disassembled and the two mm fans can be attached to the left side panel in an attempt to aide GPU cooling. Looking at the two images above also gives some indication of the level of quality and engineering of the Cosmos II, it truly is impressive… Both of the side panel doors can be hinged open at approximately 90 degrees, or removed completely.

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So pretty much just unplug every cable from your computer. Add Tip Ask Question Step 2: The carpet is better than tile, because screws and other small parts will roll around. This is so you don’t shock your motherboard or other parts. First off, unscrew the four screws on the back of the computer. On most computer cases, there will be large knobs that you can unscrew by hand or by screw driver on the back-right side of the computer. The left side has small screws because on that side you can’t access much on the inside.

Once the screws are removed, you can remove the side panels. On most computers, they just slide off.

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Originally Posted by essenbe The wires in the left picture appear to be 3 pin fan connectors. They plug into the fans wires. But somewhere there has to be a molex connector to power them. I am not familar with that case, but I am guessing it has a fan controller on it. See if this will hel you. If you noticed when she is talking about the front panel connectors, she shows thee molex connector to power the fan controller.

It plugs into a molex from the PSU. The fan connectors you showed plug into the fan cables and can then be controlled by the fan controller. I know this picture won’t help much but it may.

HAF 922 GAMING RIG UPDATE. NEW LCD/FANS and some Advice need on upgrades.