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Despite a relatively strong start with a solid player base, the number of users dropped off significantly, mostly due to rampant server and balancing issues in the online multiplayer modes. Though there’s still a dedicated community dueling online at this very moment, the developers behind the ambitious online brawler are looking to reignite the fire of battle with a slew of new features and balance adjustments to the core game. Taking cues from Ubisoft’s other titles, such as Rainbow Six Siege and The Division , Ubisoft Montreal plans to reinvigorate For Honor by introducing sweeping balance fixes; new multiplayer modes like ranked 1v1, 4v4, and special season play for online multiplayer; and the introduction of dedicated servers to ensure stability. For hardcore players, these changes are tremendous. GameSpot spoke with creative director Roman Campos-Oriola and game director Damien Kieken, who discussed how they plan to revitalize the game. For Honor’s existing community has been very passionate about the game.

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Yes, you dense fugitive. We have known that since the opening cinematic. We have known that since the trailer.

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When trying to connect to a For Honor multiplayer game, you want your NAT type to be open or at the very least moderate. Below we’ll tell you how to improve issues with your NAT type being Strict or Unknown which can also help fix Uplay disconnection error codes , , and , or network error NAT issues can also cause problems with matchmaking and making sure your NAT type is open can help when you get For Honor matchmaking failed. What is a NAT Type? In addition to easing traffic routing, it also obscures IP addresses using IP masquerading which allows for an increased level of protection against malicious users when playing online.

For Honor’s multiplayer is special, but as a whole it’s let down by the less good single player, sometimes dodgy matchmaking, and a surfeit of microtransactions.

Over the past few months, PCGamesN and other outlets have been reporting on readily available data on For Honor’s player count, which has unfortunately dropped off significantly since launch. Player counts for games will inevitably fall as the next big thing rolls around, but it must surely be disappointing for Ubisoft to see such a drastic decrease on a service game with esport aspirations.

Love battering your mates? Check out our list of the best multiplayer games. Apparently there’s no need to worry though. For Honor’s player count is actually doing fine, and we’ve just been printing lies this whole time. This revelation was made in a recent update video, in which a Ubisoft rep spoke about rolling out an upcoming patch. You can see our previous fake reports below. In other For Honor news, the game’s creative director recently departed Ubisoft.

Update June 5, For Honor’s player count still hasn’t recovered since March this year. In fact, it’s dropped even further.

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Comments Shares For Honor ‘s developers plan to release all of the game’s post-release multiplayer maps and modes for free, following more than a year of high-profile games that have abandoned the once-common paid DLC format. If you play many big, non-free-to-play multiplayer games, this development likely feels long overdue for you, and doubly so for your wallet.

The latest scions of the two big shooter series, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 , persist in parceling out paid map packs on top of their full game price, but clearly the times are a-changin’ – I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last year for both of their usual passes as we know them.

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Xbox One rating It’s safe to say that perhaps no one was a harsher critic of For Honor than I leading up to its release. While its peer-to-peer nature ate up the majority of negative press as it should’ve , there were laundry list of warning signs that made me question whether or not Ubisoft’s new fighter was going to be worth either the time or the money required. Against all odds, you’ve won me over with For Honor. It will make you feel like you’re getting nowhere, slamming your head against a brick wall, until everything finally clicks and you become one with Ubisoft’s vision.

For Honor has all the intangibles of a unique, groundbreaking IP, and I can’t wait to see how it progresses. Three classes, four hero types. While it’s tempting to think of these guys in terms of MOBA heroes, they fall in line with one another very easily. In each class of For Honor, you have a vanguard, a heavy, an assassin and a hybrid, and with exception of the hybrids , they each have a common pool of feats and ways to gain in-game bonuses.

That means that a heavy on one team when played right will likely be playing the same way as the heavy on the other team. And, while it’s too early to tell for definitively, it’s been a long time in For Honor’s public play time, including all the Alpha’s and Betas, and it doesn’t seem like any one faction or hero type is inherently better than the other. Sure, I may be able to identify a tweak here or there that I would like to implement, but it’s never anything as game-changing as “I died because that hero is BS.

For now, at the lower levels of play, arguable where it matters most in a non-eSport game, there isn’t much to complain about in terms of balance, and that is so impressive for a game with this many moving parts around its heroes.

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There have been game breaking balance issues for the alpha players, as well as rumors that the single player campaign will be inaccessible without a constant internet connection, which we covered here. Yesterday, a new issue was brought to light by an NDA breaking Reddit user: Reddit user MexGrow released his NDA breaking video, linked below, just yesterday, to share his outrage that For Honor is using peer-to-peer matchmaking instead of dedicated servers. Check out how rough it is for him to get into a match in the video.

Now, For Honor does not have massive amounts of players to support for each match, although a huge 30v30 mode would be an awesome addition some day, but peer-to-peer matchmaking will always cause issues, even in the 1v1 and 2v2 modes.

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Free sign up cp newsletter! Many of those fixes are ones that impact the different fighter classes. The Shaman class is on the receiving end of several fixes courtesy of the patch , including ones that significantly change the Predator’s Hunger, Predator’s Mercy and Wild Cat’s Rage abilities. Audio issues that could pop up for players fighting with a Shaman have also been addressed. The latest patch also applies several adjustments to the Warlord’s Crashing Charge ability.

Players will find that in campaign, the Crashing Charge now hits the targets accurately. Collision detection for it has also been improved. The stamina cost for the Crashing Charge has also been moved up to 20, and when it fails to hit, it will cost 40 stamina points.

Glaring PVP Issues Leaked in For Honor Alpha

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February 23, – 11 months 18 days ago For Honor will be receiving a number of updates to the gameplay for all platforms. These updates include changes to the properties of moves for different Heroes, matchmaking, and much more. These updates are based on community feedback from all platforms and can have sigificant impact on different aspects of For Honor, both in single player and online multiplayer. As more updates for the game are released by Ubisoft, you will find them all listed on here.

In response to player feedback from Beta, Ubisoft will address concerns regarding Bots with full health that replace players that quit out of matches prematurely. Players will be replaced with a dead Bot in Duel, Brawl, and Elimination game modes. This will effectively make a team win the current round if there was only one opponent alive. For rounds that follow afterwards, the Bot will participate normally in place of the player.

Guardbreak Counter Applies to All Heroes: It was difficut to counter a guardbreak upon release online. May be easier to perform a guardbreak counter with new update. Currently if an opponent blocks a light attack from either of these two characters , they can combo their actions into a free Guard Break. This will no longer happen, neither Hero will be able to follow up an attack with a guardbreak and continue the length of their combo. There is a bug where the second and third stabs from a guardbreak do not apply bleed.

For Honor: Fix your matchmaking pls!