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A commercial for the Nintendo 3DS shows a trio of grown men getting soundly beaten in Mario Kart 7 ‘s online multiplayer mode. As they speculate on who these mystery guys are, we cut to a pair of Japanese schoolgirls, who briefly wonder if they should show mercy on their opponents for once before laughing and returning to their game. In this older commercial for Honeycomb cereal, a girl called Sarah really gets into her handheld beat-em-up game. So much so that even becoming a Honeycomb craver doesn’t stop her from going inside the game and kicking the main baddie’s butt literally and immediately lampshaded by her and gouging down all the Honeycomb tokens. When her mom goes upstairs, she finds her daughter still in the game back in human form with this to say: At the end, it is revealed that TheLegend27 is one of the people shown and is a woman. Anime and Manga Fujiko from 7 Seeds spent majority of her leisure time playing videogames before she was chosen for the project. Naruko “Anaru” Anjou loves playing video games and in fact, she works part time at a video game store and this is reflected in her looks , as she identical to Jessica Albert. Vietnam, the Asian Tomboy, who was shown playing Uncharted 3 on author’s blog. Kaho in Blend-S is a compulsive gamer who is highly proficient in many types of console and in arcade games.


So you can play any sex game as long as you wish! Meet and Fuck Tag Check this out! The guards are powerful there, but with the help of some other super villains she probably hentai flash portal make her way out. Meet and Fuck — Magic Book 4:

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Admin here again, I’ll try to respond to as much as I can, sorry if anyone thinks this is the wrong place. Many users seem to be getting tired of it though, as also seen by the big interest in this site and keeping it clean. The question is how to combat it, since prohibiting it would be a slippery slope and it’s fair as long as it doesn’t go completely off the rails like with Jill and Dakota.

I inherited lolcow not after the first Admin’s escape but after the next Admin following that. This second Admin hired the staff currently active. Because I didn’t want to step on her feet, I didn’t take actions the way I should’ve. I say this not to throw anyone under the bus, as I’m grateful for people even accepting me as a new Admin and continuing the work for lolcow. As of now, we’ve removed all staff hired by the old admin, and they’re free to re-apply if they choose to, but will be screened just like everyone else.

Mod applications will open tonight. Luna Lanie, Gaijin in Japan, Lilypichu and other threads are full of constantly ban-evading people. Some things are also not being reported. We can’t keep up with every thread and depend on users to make reports. The golden age of dramu is over, it seems.


I was on Lolcow during the 2 months her wk went crazy Here is a summary of all the threads and my opinion. They all try to have this squeezey clean image when they do questionable things like moan, camera tilting or “fixing” camera to show their bodies, cater to fetishes, fanservice like heavy cleavage, nudes looking at you Emiru , shitty cosplays, bait compliments like: These chicks obviously all have low self esteem and clearly the attention, love and money from their efamous boyfriends aren’t enough and they need it from their fans and everyone else.

It’s just for the anime to make the characters more appealing.

A commercial for the Nintendo 3DS shows a trio of grown men getting soundly beaten in Mario Kart 7’s online multiplayer mode. As they speculate on who these mystery guys are, we cut to a pair of Japanese schoolgirls, who briefly wonder if they should show mercy on their opponents for once before laughing and returning to their game.

While writing Monster, Urasawa began the series 20th Century Boys in , which would continue after Monster had finished. Monster received a nine-volume kanzenban re-release between 30 January and 29 August The Perfect Edition, between 15 July and 19 July David Sylvian was commissioned to write the ending theme, “For the Love of Life”, on which he collaborated with Haishima Kuniaki.

In the cover notes to the official soundtrack he said, “I was attracted to the Monster material by the moral dilemma faced by its central character. The calm surface of the music giving way to darker undercurrents, signifying the conscience of the lead protagonist and the themes of morality, fate, resignation, and free will. The show aired on Syfy ‘s Ani-Mondays with two episodes back-to-back each Monday night at However, due to low sales of the first box set, Viz decided not to continue releasing the remaining episodes on DVD and later dropped the license.

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Megumi sama 3 years ago 21 finalfantasy94 posted I saw the game and I was surprised its actually voiced. Didint think any girl would wanna do that. A lot of them are funny characters in the “painful stereotype that is self-aware” sort of way, and just pulling a Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally covers the dirtiest lines for half the characters and the ones that aren’t most of their more explicit lines are about as bad as, say, Tara Strong doing Juliet Starling in Lollipop Chainsaw.

This British beauty has charmed her way through acting with her blonde hair and pretty face. Vanessa has also been seen in many theater acts. Her viewers as well as critics see Vanessa as a promising future star and want to see more of her. She was born to parents, who were the urologist and the founder of Country Living magazine. There is no information on her siblings.

Vanessa was later signed up to an agency where she met the director, David Thacker. David later gave Vanessa three starring roles at the Octagon Theater Bolton. With that, all her Octagon Theater Bolton acts were over. Vanessa acted alongside actor Harriet Walter and Harry Melling. By then Vanessa was liked by all, her true talent for acting was recognized and complimented by many. Thus, Vanessa had not only proved to be loved by her viewers but also by critics.

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WingsofRedemption is no exception. And true to this very day, Jordie ragequits. The Downfall[ edit ] Stroking his ego so big, Jordie called out a youtube named Syndicate and challenged him to a 1v1 in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the map Bog. Unsurprisingly, he lost and broke his controller in a massive explosion of tard rage, blaming his friends who were trying to comfort him, causing them to give birth to the famous line ” why the fuck you stream that shit?

After spending some time with Woodysgamertag and FPSRussia, he got his ass banned for good for pussying out of a survival trip and insulting them for the trip being a failure.

Online presence[ edit ] When Brittany first visited the interwebs , she gained her own online presence by being known as “that annoying streamer” and was seen as a lolcow being a massive source for lulz , that is until it turned out that she was a troll all along and she was just joking, then she became known as “that annoying streamer that thinks she’s funny”, which is a much more fitting title. After she announced that she was just a troll, this lead many people who were into trolling culture to visit her stream, after all a hot girl likes trolling too?

Luckily this didn’t last for too long and internet virgins found another edgy millennial to jerk off to , but that didn’t stop her from thinking she was the newest fad in chan culture, as she constantly uses bastardizations of their words, for example, she would say ” normie ” instead of ” normalfag “, just in case she doesn’t hurt the feelings of any faggots that may jerk off to her videos confusing her for a man. The irony is lost on her LOL I’m such a girl gamer! People didn’t realize this was a troll how?

Guys can’t you tell I’m one of you? I hate normies too! The other percentage of Ventit’s fanbase is depraved basement dwellers that can’t afford porn so they jerk off to videos of her making an ass out of herself or even burping. When they’re not masturbating to her streams they’re donating national incomes because they have the batshit insane idea that Brittany will fall in love with them for their money to compensate for their less than pleasant demeanor.

In reality the emotion that she would be feeling when being hit on isn’t love but pity. Due to Brittany’s insatiable urge for attention she decided to go on the stream and promptly made a fool out of herself by screaming like an autist, getting robbed and then getting arrested all within the span of a week. She was later released because the prison was sick of her shit Previous Video Next Video Before Brittany[ edit ] Before moving to the New York City, 4Chad lived in the south and had a few previous endeavors to attempt to get online famous.

One of the more popular ones was a TGWTG style movie review channel where he and his friends made crappy movie reviews of s movies.

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Lilypichu is a YouTube star who is a singer, voice actor, and pianist. She has her own channel and uploads varied videos on it. She is a social media star. Lilypichu and her early life A look at her bio reveals that her real name is Yun. She is a Korean-American. Lilypichu had commenced learning to play the piano at the age of 4 or 5 years.

Jaune was just that, the black sheep. He had always wanted to be the hero, to be a Huntsman. But when your name is Jaune Salem Arc – Prince of the Grimm – and your mother is understandably against the idea, what is a young man to do? Why, run away to attend Beacon in pursuit of a dream, of course. What could go wrong? SilverDestined Danny Phantom – Rated: Jaune and his neighboring stall mate were about to find out why.

Barriers break as he pushed past the limits of what Aura was capable of, creating and forging his very own weapons from the manifestation of his soul. T – English – Chapters: Technician by Myareska reviews One day, a young student of Signal Academy receives a package from home, containing the journal of a long dead relative. But what is Jaune Arc going to do with said journal, and how will it change not only his world, but that of those around him? T – English – Adventure – Chapters:

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M1K3 Video release date: This seems outrageous and Fuslie quickly realized that chat wasn’t going to go for that. Very questionable to have even considered that. Using donation money to fund your trip looks real bad when a check could be mailed instead.

CrianaGaming 3, Criana has a lot of videos on her channel. The Old Republic Jedi Knight. Cuddleofdeath 76, Kristen is most known for playing Pokemon and Nintendo-related games on her channel. The Old Republic and Pokemon Ruby. Bloodlines, Sentinels of the Multiverse, some nostalgia with the original Super Mario Bros series, and indie games to which she links in the video descriptions. Also of note is the series “Pug Plays” in which Cyborcat 7, Dena Natali does let’s plays among many other things related to video-games.

Her let’s plays include Resident Evil, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Silent Hill 2.

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Battery[ edit ] In jurisdictions that make a distinction between the two, assault usually accompanies battery if the assailant both threatens to make unwanted contact and then carries through with this threat. The elements of battery are 1 a volitional act [2] 2 done for the purpose of causing a harmful or offensive contact with another person or under circumstances that make such contact substantially certain to occur and 3 which causes such contact.

Aggravated assault[ edit ] Aggravated assault is, in some jurisdictions, a stronger form of assault, usually using a deadly weapon. Aggravated assault can also be charged in cases of attempted harm against police officers or other public servants. Defenses[ edit ] Although the range and precise application of defenses varies between jurisdictions, the following represents a list of the defenses that may apply to all levels of assault:

Able to bend light to her will, she grew up dreading discovery and exile, and was forced to keep her power secret, in order to preserve her family’s noble status. Nonetheless, Lux’s optimism and resilience have led her to embrace her unique talents, and she now covertly wields them in service of her homeland. Lady of Luminosity Luxanna – or Lux, as she preferred to be called – grew up in the Demacian city of High Silvermere, one of two children born to the prestigious Crownguard lineage, an honorific given to the family tasked with protecting the king.

Her grandfather saved the king’s life at the Battle of Storm’s Fang, and her father took up the mantle of protection during the Noxian assault known as Cyrus’s Folly. Lux’s older brother, Garen , was also expected to bear that honor. From the earliest age, both Lux and Garen were taught to fight, to ride, and to hunt. But where Garen chose to follow family tradition to join the Dauntless Vanguard – one of Demacia’s elite fighting regiments – Lux harbored dreams of venturing beyond Demacia’s borders to explore the wider world.

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